The subjects of protection of the environment and nature, sustainability and regionality played a key role in both the planning and construction of our camp site and its day-to-day running. In addition, we also value the fact that all camping enthusiasts have the opportunity to spend their holidays with us.

Waste sorting and recycling:

To optimise the materials cycle, we offer our guests a range of waste disposal options.  

  • Black bin for household and residual waste
  • Yellow bin for packaging
  • Blue bin for paper and cardboard
  • White glass
  • Green glass
  • Brown glass

A disposal unit for the emptying of camping toilets is available at our supply and disposal station. Grey water can be poured into the ground pit.

Umweltschutz Recycling Mülltrennung Campingpark Erfurt Thueringen
Umweltschutz Recycling Mülltrennung Campingpark Erfurt Thueringen


We have taken a number of measures to keep biodiversity on our camp site as varied as possible. Our flower strips and diverse plants, including bee pasture, provide food for insects. We are particularly pleased about the numerous butterflies that our guests can observe. We have also provided for lizards and bats with two lizard habitat areas and several bat nesting boxes. Use your visit to watch the butterflies in the colourful flower beds and listen to the birds raising their young in the nesting boxes. We have also greened the roofs of the sanitation building and equipment buildings for even more green space.

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