Camp Site Regulations

The Campingpark Erfurt team welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay. We strive to make your time on our camp site as pleasant as possible. In the interests of all camp site guests you are politely requested to avoid all behaviour that may disturb the community of camp site guests present. Please observe the following camp site regulations.

1. The camp site regulations are legally acknowledged with registration. Access to the camp site is only permitted following registration at reception. The camp site guest or day visitor pays the prices according to the applicable price list for this camp site. The campers commit themselves to register their visitors and pay the fees for the persons concerned. The camp site staff are authorised to issue instructions with regard to space occupation, safety, hygiene and observance of the camp site regulations
2. Please observe the quiet period from 10.00 pm to 7.00 am, the gates are closed at 10.00 pm. During this time, the camp site may only be accessed by vehicles with a special permit. The site may be exited at any time for emergency purposes, in this case we request notification of site management.

In exceptional cases guests may also enter the site after 10.00 pm using a transponder. This can be obtained from reception in exchange for a deposit of 50 euros.

3. The allocated space or area is to be observed. A change of space is only permitted with the approval of camp site management. Motor vehicles are to be parked at the space in a space-saving manner. Caravans, awnings and tents may only be placed in a manner that enables them to be moved at any time. Consequently, no fixed installations and additions, bases and fences may be erected.

4. Order, cleanliness and mutual respect are self-evident duties of all users of the camp site. All fixtures and facilities are to be treated with care. Children below the age of 5 are requested to only use the sanitation facilities when accompanied by a custodian. Pets may not be taken into the sanitation facilities.

5. Each user of an electric hook-up is responsible for his own cable and plug equipment, only approved and tested electrical equipment may be used. The guest himself shall bear the cost of all damage and loss caused by inappropriate electrical connections. Gas bottles may not be heavier than 11 kg. The gas system must correspond to statutory and technical requirements and have been subjected to a valid gas inspection.

6. Dog owners are requested to keep their animals on a lead at all times when on the site. Soiling is to be removed by the animal owner immediately. Failure to observe this will result in a fine of 15 euros. In repeat cases the offender will be expelled from the site. It is essential to avoid disturbing other guests with animals brought to the site. The dog regulations of the state of Thuringia apply.

7. The terms of nature protection and fire prevention law are to be observed. The feeding of wild animals (such as foxes, raccoons etc.) is prohibited. Naked flames and the lighting of campfires are prohibited. The removal of branches and twigs and the suspension of washing lines from trees and bushes are prohibited. The washing of vehicles of all kinds is fundamentally prohibited on the camp site.

8. In the interest of all camp site guests, the following quiet periods are to be observed: 12.00 midday to 2.00 pm midday quiet period and 10.00 pm to 7.00 am night-time quiet period. The camp site is a pedestrian zone. To ensure safety on the site, motor vehicles may only be driven at a walking speed of up to 5 km/h.

9. Departure is daily from 8.00 am to 11.00 am. The space is to be returned to a completely orderly state by the user prior to departure. The disposal of waste is to be carried out in separated form in the containers provided.

10. Camp site management is authorised to refuse acceptance of persons or to expel them from the site if they fail to observe the regulations regarding noise and orderliness on the camp site.

Breaches of camp site regulations justify immediate expulsion from the site. In this case there is no claim to reimbursement of fees paid. Use of the camp site and its facilities is at the own risk of the user. The camp site operator is not liable for damage or loss incurred by the guest, his relatives and visitors - unless the camp site operator or his staff have acted in an intentional or grossly negligent manner.

We wish you a pleasant holiday and a relaxing time.

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