Water as resource:

In the planning of our camp site, we paid thought to how we could make use of rainwater or swiftly return it to the water cycle. All of the rainwater from the roofs and paved surfaces is collected in a cistern. We use this captured water to irrigate our trees and the lush flower beds. The cistern helps us to use water responsibly and the drainage trench also plays its part. The excess water that cannot be collected in the cistern flows into the drainage trench. This is an underground buffer storage that collects rainwater and allows it to drain away naturally. This means that we do not put any water into the sewerage system, but use every drop for nature and plants.

As water is a precious resource, all of our taps in the sanitation building are equipped with sensors. This means that water only flows when the sensors are triggered. This helps avoid unnecessary water consumption. To observe hygiene requirements, an automatic flushing system prevents the formation of legionella bacteria if the water pipe is not used for longer than 24h.

Umweltschutz Recycling Mülltrennung Campingpark Erfurt Thueringen
Umweltschutz Recycling Mülltrennung Campingpark Erfurt Thueringen

Energy supply:

We procure 100% natural electricity from the utility provider Erfurter Stadtwerken. Our electrical hook-ups allow you to charge your electric car or e-bikes.
With our solar thermal unit we ensure a hot water supply independent of external energy sources. A photovoltaic unit is already installed and will be connected in the near future.

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